~ 10 September 2014 ~

St Kilda Festival

St Kilda Festival 2015

The St Kilda Festival will be held from Saturday 31 January to 8 February 2015. We are getting our creative juices flowing by coming up with some illustrations for the poster competition. Stay tuned for the results!

~ 5 August 2014 ~


Pulp: A film about life, death & supermarkets

Director: Florian Habicht

"I was in tears of joy..."

In 2012 filmmaker Florian Habicht followed seminal Britpop band Pulp back to their home town of Sheffield as they prepared for their last live performance, ever.

The best part about this film is the Sheffield locals. Florian interviews everyone from the super-fans who have supported them from the start, to the little old ladies who bought fish from the lead singer Jarvis when he worked at the Crown Markets fishmonger as a teenager. With a career spanning over 30 years, this band has left an impression on everyone in the town and they’re all more than happy to pay tribute – high school dancing troupes, choirs, the customers in the greasy spoon.

I’m biased, I’ve been a fan of this band for years and I was in tears of joy after the first five minutes of concert footage and would have been happy with that. It would be easy to dismiss this film as fanservice – Florian hasn’t hidden the fact that he is a huge fan of the band – but his unique style of film making, dispersing live concert footage, interviews with the band members and the personal stories from the Sheffield community are what makes this film.

The next session of Life, Death and Supermarkets is sold out but it's available to buy on DVD here. Melbourne International Film Festival is running until 17th August. Check out what else is screening at MIFF. – Shannon

~ 05 May 2014 ~

Digital 2014

Creative Conferences Brisbane, Melbourne Sydney, Adelaide

These independently curated design events will feature creative individuals and agencies who will discuss topics and case studies that are relevant to the creative and design scene in Australia.

Tickets are still available for the Melbourne sessions on the 16/17 May 2014 here.

I will be attending the Melbourne leg of A/D 2014 this year – review to come. – SS

~ 2 May 2014 ~

Happy mother's day

Thank you, mums!

As the 11th of May draws near, we'd like to say Happy Mother's Day!

Thank you for being the amazing mothers that you are.

~ 26 April 2014 ~

Only Lovers Left Alive

Only Lovers Left Alive

Director: Jim Jarmsuch

Cast: Tilda Swinton, Tom Hiddleston, Mia Wasikowska, Anton Yelchin

"A love story"

This film was everything that I wanted it to be and more. Tom Hiddleston (Adam) and Tilda Swinton (Eve) portray ageless lovers beautifully, while the backdrop of Detroit and Tangier create an air of both decay and optimism. This juxtaposition certainly plays out through the characters of Adam and Eve, with Adam battling dark thoughts while Eve savours life and all its beauty.

What could have been an exercise in self-indulgence has turned out to be a film that is actually quite funny and hopelessly romantic. And don’t even get me started on the perfect soundtrack scored by director Jim Jarmusch and his band SQÜRL!

I’ve been to the movies twice to see this… that’s how much I love it. – SS

~ 17 March 2014 ~

Telstra new brand rollout

Telstra 2.1  – the future
is now

Are you ready to go into a Brilliant Connected Future? Telstra’s brand has evolved to show us the way there with brilliant colour gradients and simplified type. We have been working hard to implement this across their suite of collateral, both print and digital. We’re excited to show you the results!

~ 06 February 2014 ~


It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Supergraph!

Supergraph is a Contemporary Graphic Art Fair which will be held at the Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne from 14-16 February.

Featuring leading graphic artists and illustrators, as well as emerging talent, you'll be able to find artworks to suit your budget and your tastes. There's also the chance to get more involved through workshops and masterclasses.

Tickets can be pre-purchased online here, or at the door on arrival.

~ 19 December 2013 ~

Christmas Cards 2013

It's come around again!

This series of illustrated holiday postcards was created to reflect the theme of 'time' around the holiday season – or rather, a lack of it. Each postcard has an abstract representation of a Christmas icon, such as circles for baubles and triangles for a Christmas tree.

A set of these were sent out to clients to wish them happy holidays, as well as to provide them with some last minute festive postcards that they could send out to those whom they may have forgotten on their Christmas list. Again, helping to buy them a little 'time'.

~ 11 November 2013 ~

Dreamtime Olive Oil

Dreamtime Olive Oil

We created this olive oil bottle label for Dreamtime Olives. The brief was to create a premium label that depicted the product's Australian origins to a target audience that is an international market.

Taking inspiration from dot painting as well as Italian typography, we create a label that was immediately recognised as Australian. Gold foil highlights and dots were used to add a sense of luxury to the label.

~ 9 October 2013 ~

Premier's Design Awards Event Victoria finalists

Can you say hors d'oeuvres?

Premier's Design Awards
Monday the 7th of October
Queen's Hall, Parliament House

Those of us who had made it as Finalists in our respective categories were treated to a little shindig at the Queen's Hall in Parliament House. The black and white clad servers weaved their way through the black and white clad crowd (as this was the dress code for the evening) and made sure our thirsts were quenched and bellies were filled. The highlight of the menu for me was the bacon-wrapped scallop… mmmmmmm.

It was a great night – it was nice to be surrounded by our peers and see everyone's highly commended entries. There was only one winner overall from all of the various categories, and although it wasn't us, we were very happy to have been recognised for our work. There's always next year! – SS

~ 20 September 2013 ~

Premier's Design Awards 2013

Premier's Design Awards
2013 Finalists

The Premier’s Design Awards recognise and reward Victorian designers and businesses using exemplar design effectively and sustainably. The awards provide an opportunity for businesses and the community to better understand the role of design in making products and services more functional, efficient and attractive, and ultimately increasing productivity and business outcomes.

We are proud to say that thatworks is a finalist in the Communication Design category for our work on the Gifts of Change campaign for IWDA (the International Women’s Development Agency). Our work can be viewed here.

Winners will be announced at the awards ceremony which will be held on October 7th. Stay tuned... – SS

~ 10 June 2013 ~

Evan's winter

Winter is here…
Part 3

Time again for our top tips for surviving winter. Here are Evan's suggestions, which involve the tantalising combination of whiskey, GQ, Suits and concrete. How manly!

WHISKEY TASTING: Warm up like a scot at Chez Regine (270 Russell Street, Melbourne, Victoria).
TV: Waiting on return of Suits, Homeland & the Newsroom. Going to give Mad Men and breaking bad another try. Will be sad to see the finale of the Office.
BOOKS: Will catch up on my GQ ipad mag subscription and at some stage start the game of thrones books.
DIY: Going to try to make a taller verion of this concrete bucket stool.

More soon! – SS

~ 1 July 2013 ~

  • CitiPower & Powercor 2013 Annual Report photoshoot
  • CitiPower & Powercor 2013 Annual Report photoshoot

People Powered

With 1.05 million customers and network areas in the dynamic inner city and Victoria’s fastest growing regions, it’s no wonder that this year’s CitiPower Powercor Annual Report has taken us to some interesting places.

Along the way we met some fascinating people, with less than ordinary occupations. Here’s a snap shot of our work with the CitiPower Powercor team and Andrew Craig‘s eye and camera.

~ 4 June 2013 ~

Kevin's winter

Winter is here…
Part 2

Here's part 2 of our viewing, reading and listening tips to get you through this winter. We have an eclectic mix courtesy of Shannon and Dave.


TV: Six Feet Under, The Wire
ALBUMS: Kurt Vile – Wakin’ on a Pretty Daze, White Fence – Cyclops Reap, Eleanor Friedberger – Personal Record
BOOKS: The Great Gatsby – F. Scott Fitzgerald, Infinite Jest – David Foster Wallace, Just Kids – Patti Smith


TV: Catching up on South Park, Game of Thrones, The Voice (sadly) and Breaking Bad.
ALBUMS: Papa M – Whatever, Mortal, A.C. Newman – Get Guilty, Ali Perez – Chroma Chords and probably some Jack Johnson on a rainy, cold day

More suggestions on their way soon! - SS

~ 17 May 2013 ~

High Tea with Ryan Gosling

A nice cuppa Gosloving

[R-18+] 140 min - Crime/Drama

High Tea at Cinema Nova

The Place Beyond The Pines

I had the pleasure of combining two of my favourite things at Cinema Nova in Carlton recently – high tea and a great film. For $39 (including the price of the film), you can choose from a Pimms cocktail, sparkling wine or from a range of teas. The actual cinema space is actually quite small which makes for a nice and intimate experience. The chairs are super comfortable and roomy, with a nice little table that you can place your little cardboard tray of cakes and sandwiches on. I opted for an English Breakfast tea, and the tray consisted of a brownie, cookie, macaroon etc. Overall, it felt like a nice little treat in addition to a great movie, but the real star of this whole experience was the actual film.

Blue Valentine was one of my favourite films of 2010, and so I was very excited to see what director Derek Cianfrance could pull off with his follow-up, The Place Beyond The Pines. Starring Ryan Gosling (who I think is one of the best actors of his generation) and Bradley Cooper (who finally convinced me of his acting chops after Silver Linings Playbook), this film is threaded together by the theme of fathers and sons. I won't give too much else away, as it's one of those films that is best experienced with no prior knowledge of the plot.

Shout out to Ben Mendelsohn as Robin… the guy is one hell of a character actor. And of course, Mike Patton (I am obsessed with the man) and his beautiful score… the cherry to this already delicious pie of a film. – SS

~ 10 May 2013 ~

Happy mother's day

Thank you mum

Happy Mother's Day!

The crew at Thatworks would like to send our thanks and love to our mums, who have supported us, fed us, housed us and kept us in line over all these years.

Thank you for everything!

~ 1 May 2013 ~

Kevin's winter

Winter is coming

Yes, it's true… winter is coming…

But it's not all doom and gloom! You can make use of your hibernation time by finally catching up on all those TV shows, albums and books you've been meaning to get to.

To help you along, we've compiled a list of our favourites that we'll be posting throughout the next few months. First up, Kevin's choices:

TV SHOW: Suits
ALBUM: 'Black & Blue' by the Backstreet Boys
BOOK: Jane Eyre

Stay tuned for more tips! – SS

~ 18 April 2013 ~

  • The FIG project

Thatworks created The Fig Project as an exercise to showcase the creativity of the individual members of our crew.

Influenced by our location and the South Melbourne Markets, the humble Fig was chosen as our subject for this exercise it was fresh and in season and hasn’t reached its full potential in the Australian market.

With an open brief, we each chose to tackle the subject of the Fig in our own unique way:

FODKA (by Andrea, Account Co-ordinator)
Andrea knows her way around good food and drink. It's no wonder that she poured this love into her home-made fig infused vodka, aptly called Fodka.

FIG JAM (by Dave, Account Manager)
An original tune by our very own resident DJ Dave – treat your ears to some Fig Jam.

EL FIGO VS PINA GUERRERO (by Evan, Digital Finished Artist)
Inspired by his love of pineapples and general disgust of figs, this mexican wrestling poster pits fruit vs fruit. Who do you think would win?

FIG BROWNIE (by Katherine, Production/Admin Co-ordinator)
Katherine is our resident baker extraordinaire who baked a divine fig brownie – it was devoured so quickly that we didn't get time to photograph it.

FANCY FIGS (by Serena, Designer)
Serena loves to ooh and aah at pretty packaging so she created a range of it for this project, so she could ooh and aah some more.

FIG PRINT (by Gabi, Account Co-Ordinator)
Gabi's love for textiles and sewing led her to create an original repeat pattern based on a botanical illustration of a fig tree. She then put her pattern to good use and printed it on fabric and sewed some nifty pencil cases.

GO FIGURE! (by Shannon, Account Co-Ordinator)
Whether it's a Kindle, iPhone or computer screen, Shannon's there. Her web-savvy nature lent itself to the creation of a magazine article designed for the iPad.

FIGBOY (by Ben, Art Director and Michael, Director)
What do you get when you combine Ben's talent for illustration and Michael's knack for wordsmithery? A wonderful illustrated tale of Figboy.

Scroll through our images to see our handiwork and stay tuned for our next Thatworks project.

~ 07 March 2013 ~

  • The Big Internet Museum
  • The Big Internet Museum
  • The Big Internet Museum

The Big Idea?

The Big Internet Museum

It's an obvious idea when you think about it – a museum dedicated to the history of the Internet should of course be found online! Unlike museums that can be found in the 'real' world this one is open all day, every day, and doesn't cost a thing to visit. The site has been designed with specialised wings that trace the history of areas such as social media, gaming, and the ever hilarious meme (can anyone say Rickroll?).

The digital museum understands the importance of public involvement and support – the Submit link allows you to upload a visual of your work which visitors to the site can then vote on to add to the permanent collection.

Head to thebiginternetmuseum.com and take a gander at what's on display. What I particularly like about this concept is the ability to step back in time and trace my own internet history. Remember IRC? No? Well I do, and now there's a site that I can visit that can serve to remind me of my early internet years. - SS

~ 26 February 2013 ~

thatworks Oscar predictions

Our Oscar Predictions

The 85th Oscars have come and gone, and while the ceremony may have been a disappointment, we still enjoy any oportunity to talk about movies. Our predictions were very close to the actual winners, with the exceptions of few. Jennifer Lawerence completely deserved the lead actress award, which the same can't be said for Brave the movie. Here were our predictions and oscar winners (predictions | winners):


Daniel Day-Lewis – Lincoln | Daniel Day-Lewis – Lincoln

Christoph Waltz – Django Unchained | Christoph Waltz – Django Unchained

Jessica Chastain – Zero Dark Thirty | Jennifer Lawrence – Silver Linings PLaybook

Anne Hathaway – Les Misérables | Anne Hathaway – Les Misérables


CINEMATOGRAPHY: Life of Pi | Life of Pi

COSTUME DESIGN: Les Misérables | Anna Karenina

DIRECTING: Life of Pi | Life of Pi


WRITING (ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY): Zero Dark Thirty | Django Unchained

~ 22 January 2013 ~

Best of Japan

Most creative people include Japan on their list of 'places most like to visit', especially given the japanese flair for design and culture style. Here are a few of our special travel tips for Tokyo:


Food: My favourite quick meals were the onigiri and pork buns sold at most convenience stores and any ¥300 vending restaurant. My only culinary indulgence (and subsequently, highlight) was freshly prepared sushi from the Tsukiji Fish Market at 6am.

Drink: Delicious plum wine was my best friend when it came to a night out, especially when hanging out in Golden Gai, a small pocket in Shinjuku full of tiny bars less than 2m square.

Shop: My favourite areas to (window) shop in Tokyo were Ayoama, Daikanyama and Harajuku. My two favourite Japanese chain stores were Itoya, the stationary chain with a behemoth 6-floor store in Ginza, and Muji, a simple and minimal lifestyle chain with no logo or discernible trademark besides the simplicity of the products themselves.

Stay: In Kyoto, Hiroshima, Tokyo and Kawaguchiko (at the base of Mt. Fuji) I stayed at a chain called K's House, where the staff were so friendly and the rooms were so clean that I never wanted to leave.

See & Do: In Tokyo, the Mori Art Museum was an unexpected highlight. The exhibition I saw there, a retrospective of the works of Odani Motohiko completely blew my mind. Another great exhibition I saw was at 21_21 Design Sight. My best resource for shopping/museums was the Superfuture Tokyo Superguide.


Food: Desserts! Japanese desserts are delicate, delicious pieces of art wrapped in amazing packaging.

Drink: Ashai tastes even better in Japan, especially from a vending machine after a long day of getting lost in Tokyo.

Shop: We spent 4-5 hours walking through Loft, the multi-level department store in Shibuya. Every small gadget and trinket was packed full of design and flair. Other favorites include, Uniqlo, Muji and Itoya. Like most people, I went to Japan with one suitcase and returned with two.

Stay: We had a similar experience as Gabi, and found hostels to be best way to go - the local knowledge and assistance is invaluable. The hostel websites don't look that apealing but the reviews on tripadvisor were spot on.

See & Do: You can’t visit Japan without dressing up like a Gisha or Samuari. It’s a tourist grab at the most extreme. Another ‘must’ is getting butt-naked with a room full of strangers at the replica Endo period onsen (hot springs) on Odaiba island. Terrifying and relaxing at the same time.


Food: Potager Sushi – Haute Cuisine style vegetarian sushi tucked in the front of the Roppongi Hills complex. English menus and a great selection of boutique beer and wine. Vegetarian dining in Japan can be difficult but a big city like Tokyo has quite a few places to choose from.

Drink: Albatross is a tiny sliver of a bar in Golden Gai with a good selection of sakes and whiskeys at a reasonable price. There's a roof top lounge area with outdoor heating with a great view of the Shinjuku skyline. If you have more cash to splash, head to the New York Bar for some proper citygazing. Try the L.I.T. cocktail and some smoked nuts; or for a relaxing time, make it Suntory time.

Shop: Hakuhinkan Toy Park – Ginza Seven floors of toys. What else can I say? You won't walk out of here without a stuffed animal. I left with three.

Stay: I found a room on AirBNB, which I can't recommend highly enough. Homes in Tokyo are small, but there are places to fit all budgets and tastes.

See & Do: When you're done shopping in Bunkamura Street, Center Gai & Spain Zaka, head back to Tsutaya. Have a quick look at the Manga section then venture upstairs to Starbucks and watch the sea of people rush across the Shibuya Scramble Crossing. Ueno Koen – There is definitely something for everyone at this massive park in Tokyo's east.

~ 7 January 2013 ~

Paper Scooter

Paper Scooter

Sanderson are a company that specialises in the creation of design-driven innovative packaging and products. As part of a promotion to highlight their production capabilities and environmental awareness, companies were invited to create a design for a paper scooter constructed out of recycled materials.

Our Art Director, Sabine, came up with a fun design which takes its influences from the retro feel of the iconic Vespa, as well as elements of today's modern 'hipster' style. A definition of recycling is worked into the design of the pattern to reinforce the importance of the message.

The final result is an eye-catching paper scooter that now sits proudly as a visible talking point in the thatworks meeting room. - KC

~ 14 December 2012 ~


[PG-13] 143 min - Action/Adventure/Crime

"Mummy issues..."

Ok, I will admit it – up till last weekend I was one of those few people that had never seen a Bond film in my life. I suppose the whole idea of some suave agent who beds lots of women with silly names always struck me as kind of misogynistic and didn't ever really appeal to me.

But I finally decided to break my self-imposed Bond ban with Skyfall because of the following reasons: Daniel Craig, Javier Bardem and London. All three hold a very special place in my heart.

It had everything you could want in terms of pacing and action. I also loved the nod to the 'old school' throughout the film. Craig is a convincing leading man while Bardem's portrayal of Silva was captivating. I only wish he would have had more air time during the movie. Both really shine when they are finally face to face. Although I can't compare this film to the Bond films of the past, I daresay that this was probably the least Bond-like of them all while still maintaining a strong link to its cinematic roots. -SS

"Disappointing movie of the year..."

I must admit I was really excited about seeing this movie. I’ve been a Daniel Craig fan ever since Casino Royale and I had heard such great reviews about this being the ‘Best Bond ever’ and ‘movie of the year’, blah, blah, blah... but much to my disappointment I found myself looking at my watch halfway through the film.

I thought we were moving on from the cheese of Pierce Brosnan and the over the top plots, and heading in a more realistic direction! Are we really supposed to believe one guy can basically cripple MI6 and the whole country and his only reason for doing this is that he has a bone to pick with M?!

If this is the best movie of the year then heaven help us. A very average movie, poor script and at times incredibly slow. - BR

~ 04 December 2012 ~

  • Monash Arts and Design Graduand Exhibition
  • Eight Storeys Monash Honors Exhibition

Eight Storeys Monash Grad Show

Monash Art and Design Graduate Show and Honors Exhibition

The opening night of the Art, Design and Architecture Grad Show served as an introduction to the new name and identity of the former Faculty of Art and Design, which has now become MADA - Monash Art, Design and Architecture.

Visual Communications graduates stole the show as always (we might be a teeny bit biased) - our favourites are shown above.

Kelly Felton's hand-drawn and digitally printed 'Recipe Tea Towels' had us craving a fresh punchy cocktail, while Anna Hatzisavas' collateral for the Museum of Ramen made us want to jump on a plane to Japan to see it for ourselves. Highly skilled and meticulous typography in Florence Li Ting Fong, Celine Tan and Tomas Sabbatucci's folios blew us away, while Brian Cheung's emotive and free-form illustrations reminded us that creating from behind a Mac isn't always necessary - a pen, paper and your own hands work just as beautifully.

A big congratulations also goes to the Honours class of 2012, whose Eight Storeys graduation exhibition took place in early November. The final works showcased complex skills that spanned across several disciplines including type design, branding, illustration, exhibition design and publishing. The dedication of all eight students to their year-long course was apparent in their refined concepts and brilliant attention to detail, which was seen in every project.

Congratulations to the Monash Graduates of 2012! - GD

~ 14 November 2012 ~

IWDA ad featured in Frankie magazine

After recently completing a rebrand of IWDA's Gifts of Change campaign, we were thrilled when they contacted us to design a full-page ad to be printed in Frankie magazine. Little did we know that the issue our work would be in was Frankie's 50th. Completely in awe of the incredible embroidered/embossed artwork on the cover, it was a pleasure to turn to page 174 and see our own work, right there next to Tori Amos.

Highlights of the issue included Georgia Francis King's interview with Beth Ditto, full of sound advice from a lady who's done and seen a lot, the feature on Adam Gray's designer slingshots and Draw Your Desk - five artists' illustrations of their work spaces that made us want to re-organise our own.

We're so pleased to see IWDA and Gifts of Change reach such a vast audience through a beautiful medium like Frankie - especially considering they just took out the title of Australian Magazine of the Year 2012! - GD

~ 06 November 2012 ~

The Black Keys at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl

Keys in the bowl

"The wait was worth it"

Somehow, during the one-million-and-one visits The Black Keys have made to our shores during their career, I have managed to miss every show.

I was determined not to miss them this time, and I dragged Serena along as my last minute date. We were both a little concerned that Pat and Dan wouldn't be able to pull off a stadium-size show with their two man setup, and spent most of the afternoon before the show wondering whether they'd bring out a full band to flesh out the performance of songs that appear on later albums, such as Brothers and El Camino.

We showed up early to ensure a good spot, waited patiently through Royal Headache who weren't quite ready for a venue like the Myer Music Bowl. We clapped anyway because it's always good to support the support if you know what I mean, and we watched the halloween garbed roadies set up the stage. Finally, Pat and Dan and their touring bassist and keyboard player came out to entertain us. Our worries were unfounded - their sound and light show was massive, even when the ensemble was pared back to just Dan and Pat to perform earlier songs. Sadly there was no 10AM Automatic or Have Love Will Travel however we were treated to a disco ball lit version of Everlasting Light with a heavy T-Rex vibe as part of their encore. - SS

~ 04 October 2012 ~

  • Made in Season
  • Made in Season
  • Made in Season

Branding in season

For further information, contact Shelley Lawson on 0401 566 559

Sometimes a job comes along that you never want to finish. For us, working with the Made in Season team takes the cake pie. Alongside Creative Director Shelley Lawson, we helped to develop her brand… and also managed to sample almost everything on the menu.

Part of Shelley's requirements called for a new website to show off their menu, and provided us with the perfect excuse for a casual photo session with Shelley and Shannon to see how everything comes together.

We visited the kitchen at Middle Park Bowling Club which is where Made In Season works their magic. We found Shelley and Shannon surrounded by bags and crates of organic products and fresh Victorian produce, busily (and expertly) creating pies, gnocchi and soups – it was a lesson in multi-tasking! While they continued with their cooking, we started snapping away. The result was a lot of photos of incredible food and colourful produce that you can see on the website

After an exhausting day watching the deliciousness come together, we were treated to some pies which Rina, Sabine and myself proceeded to devour as we sat in the sun, admiring the well manicured grounds. Perhaps it was the combination of perfect weather and tasty pie that gave me the fleeting desire to attempt some lawn bowling action... but that was put to rest pretty darn quickly. - SL

~ 17 September 2012 ~

Deadman Expresso cafe

Deadman Espresso

35 Market St
South Melbourne 3205
03 9686 2255

Breakfast | Lunch
Beer Burger Brew (Fri only)

Licensed venue

"The story of Rueben"

We're certainly spoilt for choice when it comes to picking what to have for lunch around here - South Melbourne has it all. From market stands, to fast food (yay Grill'd!) and all the trendy cafes and restaurants in between, anything you could thing of to eat is within short walking distance.

Dead Man Espresso isn't exactly around the corner from us… the first time we went there for a Friday lunch could be considered as a small expedition, complete with necessary iPhone navigation. We booked a table, which turned out to be a good idea on a Friday. The staff were friendly and the coffee buffs in our crew sang the praises of the Seven Seeds blend on offer - all essential ingredients to a great cafe experience. But that's not what brought me back the following Monday. Or the Wednesday after that, and several times since.

Now, this will take a bit of explaining… I consider myself to be somewhat of a sandwich connoisseur. My favourite weekly ritual is to do my grocery shopping and find the best array of cold cuts, cheese, condiments and breads on offer, ready for a week's worth of sandwiches. Subsequently, every day is an experiment, and I think I've reached the point where my lunchtime sandwiches are a definite point of interest to anyone who happens to be in the kitchen at the same time. Some combinations are hits, others are misses, but they're always interesting.

Now, at my first glance of the menu, I noticed the Dead Man Rueben sandwich midway down. Further reading informed me that this was something I couldn't go past - pastrami, sauerkraut, swiss cheese and dill pickle, it was a match made in sandwich-lover heaven. Despite the other amazing things on offer, Andrea and I both chose Rueben (yep, we're on a first-name basis now) and inspired some sizeable food envy when our massive plates arrived.

Upon returning to Dead Man several times since, I've sampled several other items, all amazing in their own right - sweet ricotta pancakes, heavenly lemon cake and potato rosti with the best bacon in South Melbourne. All of that said though, it's still hard to go past Reuben. - ES

~ 08 August 2012 ~

Kevin's ultimate playground

Dexter lives here

Kevin's recommended films and TV shows

  • American Psycho
  • Dexter
  • The Killer Inside
  • Walking Dead
  • God Bless America
  • True Blood
  • Snow beast

With the thatworks building currently undergoing maintenance on the first level, the accounts team have moved in with the studio. Due to technical difficulties and most of our office space being taped off, it was a rough start to the week, but now we're all settled and enjoying each others company. All of us except Kevin.

One of Kevin's favourite TV shows is Dexter, and we're starting to think he's watched a few too many episodes… as the only tw staff member left downstairs, Kevin has taken reign of the area, and things are starting to get a little strange.

Just a word of warning, if you're coming to visit Kev during the next week or so, make sure you let someone know where you're going, and keep your phone on you the whole time. - ES

~ 27 July 2012 ~

Delicacy (La Délicatesse)

Director: David Foenkinos & Stéphane Foenkinos

Cast: Audrey Tautou, François Damiens, Bruno Todeschini, Audrey Fleurot, Pio Marmaï

[M] France - 108 min - 2011

"Pleasant, but not memorable."

I don't usually choose to part with my money when it comes to rom-coms, but I made an exception in this case as Delicacy hails from France and features the lovely Audrey Tatou of Amelie fame. I was hoping that this would be a rom-com that would be quirky and offbeat thus justifying the money spent at the French Film Festival.

The story revolves around the young and happy newlywed, Nathalie (Audrey Tatou) who is madly in love with her husband François. His accidental death leaves her in a state of shock and life is only made bearable by throwing herself into her work. Enter her awkward colleague, Markus (François Damiens) who is surprised when she randomly kisses him. What ensues is how their relationship blossoms, much to the dismay of many people around Nathalie who regard Markus as an unworthy suitor.

The movie is quite enjoyable for what it is, but there were moments where I felt the audience were laughing a little TOO hard at the character of Markus. As a character, Markus delivered the comedic moments in the film but there was often a fine line between sincere humour and the cheap shot. A lot of the story was based on the premise of a beautiful young woman being interested in an 'unattractive' and socially awkward guy which did not sit well with me as I didn't think he was either and found him actually quite charming. I begrudgingly admit that the character of Nathalie was annoyingly cute due to Audrey's likeable presence on screen.

Ultimately, the way the film develops and ends felt a bit weak and faded out to a film that could easily be forgettable if it weren't for the actors. Pleasant, but not memorable. - SS

~ 12 July 2012 ~


[R-18] 106 min - Comedy

"Filthy... But a good kind of filthy"

Although the basic plot sounds like a sickly sweet bro-mance film, Ted is anything but. It's clever, witty and very very rude.

The basic story line is about John (Mark Wahlberg), the uncool kid with no friends who wishes his teddy bear to come to life. The wish comes true and Ted and John 'grow up' together - Ted is still living at John's place, drinking beer and smoking pot when they are in their early thirties. When John's girlfriend of 4 years, Lori (Mila Kunis) wants more out of their relationship, she sees Ted as the bad influence holding John back. John has to ask himself some serious questions about the important people in his life. Pretty simple but the entertainment is in the filthy jokes and watching a cute stuffed animal do very naughty things.

The humour is very Family Guy-esque without the annoying 1/2 hour long Peter vs giant chicken punchups, so basically the 'good parts' of family guy. True to form, Seth McFarlane leaves no minority groups left out, constantly pushing the boundaries as to whether he has gone too far. There were some surprising heart warming scenes as well as guest appearances (I won't say who though) and plenty of 80's jokes. I would definitely recommend Ted (if you aren't easily offended), I laughed the whole way through, with the ending line nearly making me wet my pants. - AP

~ 28 June 2012 ~

Snow White and the Huntsman

[PG-13] 127 min - Action/Adventure/Drama

"I give Snow White and the Huntsman half a star...if that."

Snow White was always my favourite Disney princess. She had the best vocal range, the prettiest costume, she had a bunch of devoted half-size minions to do her bidding and, of course, she was 'the fairest of them all'.

These fond memories, as well as the awesome trailer (No Church in the Wild by Kanye and Jay-Z plays in the background) are what led me to the movies on a rainy Sunday night to see Snow White and the Huntsman.

What followed were 127 completely wasted minutes that were saved only by the fact that I had bought a jumbo size popcorn for the first time in years. The popcorn was more exciting then watching Kristen Stewart trying to act.

Snow White and the Huntsman was packed full of cliches, pointless scenes and even more pointless characters, the only standout being Charlize Theron and the special effects that brought her rendition of the evil queen to life.

Chris Hemsworth as the Huntsman was probably the most developed character in the entire movie, but ended up seeming ridiculous because of the terrible script and cheesy lines. Same goes for the dwarves and the random tribe of women halfway through the film.

Snow White and the Huntsman was trying too hard, which is disappointing - the story had so much potential. Unfortunately a bad script and boring lead destroyed it so that even the special effects couldn't save it. - GD

~ 06 June 2012 ~

  • Amon Tobin's ISAM show image 2
  • Amon Tobin's ISAM show image 2
  • Amon Tobin's ISAM show image 2
  • Amon Tobin's ISAM show image 2

"...visuals-dominated with a glitchy and insane soundtrack"

The ISAM show was a visual art exhibition, choreographed to the soundtrack of Amon Tobin's live dj electronic set. It debuted about a year ago in Montreal and finally made its way around the globe to Melbourne's Palace Theatre. I have to confess that I'm not completely aware of Amon Tobin's entire back catalogue, but having seen him live once and being blown away by his sound I decided to take chance on the show.

To assess this as a normal 'gig' is tricky - ultimately, this was more of an audiovisual experience with the music being overshadowed by the amazing projections. As the curtains opened you were greeted with a large structure created out of stacked cubes. Visuals - created in partnership with V Squared Labs and Leviathan - were projected onto the stacked cubes and so began the show in all its sense-assaulting glory. The cubes come to life in a visual phantasmagoria, becoming a living, breathing organism. Being right in front of the stage, I was at a disadvantage as a lot of the impact was lost - much like standing too close to an impressionist painting. What I did love was the insane sub-bass that rattled through your bones and straight into your chest. It allowed the music to surround you, which was a good thing as my fellow gig goers seemed to have a penchant for talking at inappropriate moments.

It would have been easy to forget the existence of human involvement in this well oiled machine, but luckily we were reminded of the conductor when the central cube lights up during moments in the show. Tobin looks like he's having so much fun and enjoying every minute he's in that golden cube. The first section of the show was visuals-dominated with a glitchy and insane soundtrack. Post-encore, the music reverts to the stuff that I suppose Tobin is known for which is slightly of the drum n' bass ilk. It now makes sense why the crowd looked suspiciously like I had been dropped into some sort of Byron Bay rave festival in the late 90s.

It was a good show which could have been amazing had I been positioned in a different part of the theatre amongst a different crowd of people. But there's no doubt that in my mind that Tobin has proved to be the virtuoso sound designer that he has been described as - it will be interesting to see how he tops this production. - SS

~ 11 May 2012 ~

The Five Year Engagement

[R-18] 124 min - Comedy/Romance

"...walked out of the cinema with a goofy post-romantic-comedy grin"

Despite the title being a huge giveaway and the humour being a little predictable, I really enjoyed the Five Year Engagement.

Jason Segel and Emily Blunt work well together as Violet and Tom - they're a perfectly imperfect couple. Not too quirky and not too generic, they're easy to relate to, and the flashback scenes of how they met (at a NYE costume party - he was in a pink bunny suit, she was dressed as Princess Di) are brilliant.

A quick run down: Tom proposes, Violet says yes, Violet gets offered a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Michigan, so Tom leaves behind his promising career as a chef in San Francisco to move with her. Obviously the wedding is put on hold, and whole bunch of stuff happens which, among other things, includes a wedding and four funerals, a mental breakdown and a food fight involving pickles.

The circle of friends surrounding them keeps the laughter rolling, including Chris Pratt (Parks and Recreation) as Tom's best friend, Brian Posehn, Chris Parnell (SNL) and Alison Brie (Mad Men), who almost steals the show as Violet's sister.

Maybe it's because the soundtrack was almost entirely Van Morrison, or because I have a massive crush on Marshall Jason Segel, but the movie had me laughing the whole way through and I unashamedly walked out of the cinema with a goofy post-romantic-comedy grin.

I was lucky enough to see The Five Year Engagement on its opening night thanks to Andrea and Project Futures, the night being a fundraising event for the Somaly Mam Foundation Half Marathon (21km), happening 20 May. -GD

~ 03 May 2012 ~

Thatworks games

thatworks games

There's work and there's play... and then there's both! Slowly but surely we're adding to our arcade of tw games, and these are two of our most recent additions.

Every year, Melbourne Cup tends to bring out our competitive side. Rather than put on too many bets, we instead created a game full of cartoon-ish grace and elegance. Drawing inspiration from 50's fashion and Mad Men advertising, we like to think of this game as 'Pepe Le Pew vs Nintendo'.

Over easter time this year we provided baskets for everyone to have a crack (pun very much intended) at trying to collect the most eggs in our virtual easter egg hunt. The game features an adorably cute easter bunny, but beware, he/she doesn't like to be blown up by TNT. The winner was able to trade in their virtual eggs for some real easter chocolate. -KB

~ 30 April 2012 ~

The Avengers

[PG-13] 142 min - Action/Adventure/Sci-Fi

"Entertaining enough..."

After being utterly disappointed by Thor, loving Captain America and feeling pretty indifferent about Iron Man, I had mixed feelings about The Avengers. A friend of mine saw the film on opening night and loved it enough to see it with me two nights later, in 3D.

I loved that Scarlett was so unassuming as Black Widow that she pulled off all the secret spy tricks (AND RUSSIAN) without a hitch – not even a squint or a pout out of place, and I’ll have to disagree with Evan on Samuel L’s retirement. He held his own in every scene he was in (even when Robert Downey Jr, Chris Evans and Mark Ruffalo were busy having tantrums), and you wouldn't have even known there was a 63 year old man wearing that eyepatch.

A great ensemble cast, no insipid romantic plot, lots of explosions and a little bit of intrigue. Evan? -SS

"Deserved the wait and hype..."

I understand what you mean Shannon, I'm a fan of Iron Man, but not Captian America. I had mixed feelings as well leading up to this massive feature... but it deserved all of the hype.

After the huge disappointment of other follow up blockbusters like Transformers 2, Green lantern and American Pie 15, my expectations were low and felt fairly content going in to the movie ready to watch a mindless, glossy, effects saturated, guy movie. This one was different. It had a storyline and not just at the start or end, but throughout. It had jokes... that were actually funny.

Unlike Captain America and most other action movies (‘Independence Day’ is a perfect example), they didn’t try to proclaim that Captain America was the leader and going to save the world for us. He, like the others have their own special skills, his being strategy. I found the hulk movies in the past boring and confusing with the change of lead actor. They have found a great fit in lead actor Mark Ruffalo, plus a clear grasp on the character an his real conflict within. Samuel L. Jackson, if you’re reading this... please retire already!

The movie is girlfriend proof, if the story line doesn’t grab her at least the eye candy will keep her quiet. And guys, Scarlet Johansson is perfect in this movie as she doesn’t talk too much and she can seriously kick ass.

See it as soon as you can before you hear too much about it from everyone else. -ES

~ 24 April 2012 ~

Illustrators' Field Trip

On April 20, Sabine was lucky enough to take part in the inaugural illustrators Field Trip at ACMI. A collaboration between The Jacky Winter Group and the online creative community Australian INfront.

The field trip featured seven artists from the Jacky Winter Group who, among other things, work with vector graphics, traditional illustration, motion graphics, photography and 3D to create their work. A far cry from a traditional conference setting, these artists were asked to showcase their method in a live format, creating new work from scratch with a roomful of people watching.

Mistakes were made, working secrets were revealed and there were plenty of collaborations to keep the audience on the edge of their seats.

"The artist performances were great because they showed me that the way I'm working isn't wrong as there is no right way to do anything - everyone is different. Some very interesting and quirky ways of working were revealed but hey, it's the outcome that counts, and the more it's explored, the more unique the result."

Field trip showcased the work of the following seven artists:

  • • Beci Orpin
  • • Travis Price
  • • Jeremy Ley
  • • Tin & Ed
  • • 21-19
  • • Jo Duck
  • • Toby & Pete

~ 20 April 2012 ~

Henry Rollins live on stage

Henry Rollins The Long March

The National Theatre, Melbourne

"...a night of thought-provoking entertainment"

Most famously known as lead singer of California hardcore punk band Black Flag, Rollins has since established himself as a modern day renaissance man through his spoken word, writings, acting and regular radio DJ gig.

In Melbourne for his latest spoken word tour, The Long March, Rollins commanded the theatre full of eager audience members as he launched into an almost 3 hour show. With barely a breath taken nor a single sip of water he delivered anecdotes threaded together with a balance of humour, compassion and concern. Ranging from serious topics such as the upcoming American election and the death penalty, we were also given some insight into the life of a young Rollins and his many (mis)adventures during his wilder touring days.

The most endearing thing I found about Rollins was his ability to share his opinions on matters – of which I’ve no doubt he has spent countless hours obsessively researching and learning about - without ever sounding preachy or condescending to the average person. That combined with his ever present punk rock edge added an almost sermon like quality to the evening.

Ending the night on an optimistic note, he encouraged the audience to get involved with helping to change this century for the better through an open-minded engagement with those around us. Judging from the happy looks as the audience left the room, Rollins successfully delivered a night of thought-provoking entertainment. -SS

~ 11 April 2012 ~

South Melbourne District Sports Club


The South Melbourne District Sports Club (SMDSC) is our local club and offers a huge range of sports throughout the year to all ages. It plays a huge part in uniting the district and allowing everyone in the local area to take an active role in sport and in the community.

We were happy to update the club's brand and give the iconic SMD swan and collateral a makeover. We've since enjoyed seeing the updated logo take form on everything from fundraising fliers to little aths uniforms and everything in between.

It's with great pleasure that we wish the SMDSC a happy centenary birthday and congratulate the club on it's central role in our community.

~ 04 April 2012 ~

Strange Wolf (Bar)

Underground CBD bar, 71 Collins Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000

"...wasn't blown away"

Located in a small alleyway behind the NAB building, a door will lead you down into this new(ish) bar/burger joint.

The interior of the venue is along the hip industrial warehouse vibe, with friendly staff similarly styled. When we arrived on a Friday night it was relatively packed with a mix of the after-work city crowd and folks 'in-the-know'. Seats are limited, with a small dining area in the corner.

There's only one beer on tap which I found a bit strange for a bar. While the burgers are good value (average $12 with a small serve of fries), I didn't find the fish burger I ordered particularly worth the money as it was bland and dare I say, bitter.

If all you are after is a bar with a bit of difference located in the city, Strange Wolf does deliver. However, I wasn't blown away by it and didn't find it unique or memorable enough to want to return in a hurry. -SS

~ 28 March 2012 ~

Neurosurgery Support Group

Neurosurgery support group

For further information or support, contact Annie Ainslie on 0408 360 912

Founded in 1993, the Neurosurgery Support Group (NSG) is an organisation run by volunteers who have experienced neurological trauma first-hand, either as patients or carers. NSG is a community of support for people who have faced similar neurological conditions and who understand the challenging and sometimes isolating process of rehabilitation and adjustment to life post-surgery. NSG volunteers make frequent ward visits and provide contact with patients either personally or by phone.

In collaboration with Annie Ainslie, herself a surviving patient, we created a new look for NSG and a range of collateral to be distributed at the Alfred Hospital Neurosurgical Department.

The new information brochure was launched at the Alfred Hospital, where we were joined by Annie, NSG members and Associate Professor Peter Hwang (pictured), who came straight from surgery in his scrubs to attend. Talks were given by members of NSG and we were able to hear some incredible stories of courage and survival, as well as the vital role NSG has played in recovery for patients.

Thatworks volunteered for the job through Good Company, an online directory for skilled professionals to offer their services to volunteers and community groups.

~ 19 March 2012 ~



Health, happiness and growth was the message on the front of our Christmas card for 2011, and we really meant it. Our lovely card, mailed out at the end of last year, craftily managed to combine a card and present all in one. It was made from 100% recycled seed paper and embedded with the seeds of the Swan River Daisy - a small and easy to grow plant native to Western Australia.

Our starting point for the design of the card was the paper itself, a different process for us considering that we usually select paper to complement a design, rather than the other way around. Swan River Daises generally grow in varying hues of blue, purple and pink, and so picking a colour palette for the project was easy - nature did it for us. Sabine's illustrations referenced traditional botanical drawing, depicting the growth cycle of the daisies and showcasing the reward of planting our card after the silly season.

The card was printed using vegetable inks and the paper content was 100% recycled, which meant which meant nothing going in to the ground hadn’t started off there in the first place.

~ 02 December 2011 ~

Telstra's New Branding

Get out your rainbow colours

Ditch those blue pens, and toss out those dull pencils. You won’t need those where we’re heading. Welcome to the new world of Telstra and it’s all in full colour.

We’ve been working hard implementing Telstra’s spectacular, new branding and we’re pretty proud of it. A rejuvenating spectrum of colours are now on our palette and we simply can’t wait to see where we can take it. Keep your eyes on The Work, we’ll be updating it along the way. - BR