~ 10 November 2015 ~


Colour Block wins!

Colour Block was designed as part of an industry partnership program between RMIT students and FiveP, a collective based in India that translates existing traditional manufacturing processes to create contemporary products for the fashion, home textiles and accessories markets.

Colour Block consisted of two components - a print outcome and a constructed textile outcome. The print component of Colour Block is a range of small-scale patterns that can be interchangeable as co-ordinates, but make a graphic impact when placed alongside each other in ‘blocks’, or against plain blocks of colour.

Designing patterns for 16x16cm woodcut blocks, our outcomes were specific to a saree, choli (the top worn underneath a saree) and petticoat (worn under a saree on the bottom half of the body) for a contemporary Indian market. The ‘pallu’ of a saree is the length usually worn over the shoulder and around the head. I designed my saree to be interchangeable, with the possibility to be worn with either end as a ‘pallu’. The pattern at the opposite end of the saree becomes the main pattern for the skirt wrap.

Big congrats to Gabi – Colour Block was presented to an industry panel and was announced as the winning design concept for the project!

~ 17 August 2015 ~

Telstra Annual Report 2015

Brilliant Connections

We've been a little quiet as we've been busy with the creation of the latest Telstra Annual Report, but we're glad to say that it's now been completed! Our close collaboration with Telstra's team proved to be valuable and we produced a piece of work that we're very proud of. Until next year!

~ 22 July 2015 ~


Milkbars and Tea towels

A great Australian classic, the local milk bar, is in the midst of a swift and sad decline. Once the epicentre of suburban life, the extinction of these iconic businesses is imminent due the rise of the brightly-lit 24 hour convenience store.

Milk Bar aims to celebrate the heyday of milk bars that were more than just a business; humble corner stores that provided sustenance, a friendly smile and the Sunday paper. These designs have been lovingly illustrated by yours truly to immortalise the nostalgia of a summertime milk bar stopover. Digitally printed on 100% linen tea towels, this playful design looks just as good framed as it does in the kitchen.

One Sunny Boy and a Violet Crumble thanks! – Gabi